Electric Water Dispenser

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Item specifics:
1. Color: Black/White
2. Material: ABS
3. Dimension:
height: 255mm/10in
diameter: 74mm/6in
water outlet length: 188mm/7.4in
tube length: 550mm/22in
4. Rated Voltage: 12V
5. Rated Power: 5W
6. Suitable for buckets that the caliber within 5.5cm

1. One key operation, watertight and easy to use.
2. Built-in rechargeable battery, can used for 30-60 days once fully charged.
3. 270 degree rotation, adjust the direction of water.
4. Configured a power adapter and portable battery box, plug and play.
5. ABS shell, food grade silicone tube, non-toxic and safe.
6. Super mute, low noise.

Packing List:
1 x Electric Bottle Pump
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Transparent Hose
1 x User Manual