GandG Tan The Body Guard - Size 2 T727-2XL

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Waistband holster of long-lasting 4 in. wide elastic. Adjustable hook and loop closure. For front or back gun carry. Also includes one pocket for magazine or knife, and one pocket for cuffs. For right or left-hand use. Fits waists 50 - 54. Fits most medium to large autos and most small to medium revolvers such as all Glocks Beretta 92, 96, PX4 Sig P230, P232, P250 Sub Compact, P2000, P3000 Kahr PM9, P9, K9 Walther PPK/E, PPK/S, PPK, P99 Ruger LC9, LCR, SP101, SR9, SR 40, 1911 Colt Agent, Det. Special S&W Small and Medium Frame Revolvers Taurus 85, 605 1911-Style Auto Pistols.