G.P.S. Sporting Clays Backpack Olive GPS-1611SC

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A new free standing Backpack allows for hands free transportation to and from the range. Our new Sporting Clays Backpack was designed to allow the avid clays target shooter an easier way to transport his gear. Items like Ammo, Shooting Glasses, Ear Protection, Shooting Pouch or Vest, Choke Tubes, Cleaning Supplies, Empty Hulls, Score Card, Pencil and more can all be carried in a compact Backpack. By utilizing our Visual ID Storage System we have designed separate pockets that store your most frequently used items for added protection and easy retrieval. This backpack features a removable mesh hull bag that snaps to the top side to carry your spent hulls. The Sporting Clays backpack also features a waterproof pull out cover to help keep contents dry in case of a sudden rain. Features: Hands free transportation to and from the range; Lockable heavy-duty zippers provide added security; Pull out rain cover protects gear in case of a sudden downpour; Visual I.D. storage system to identify and keep things handily organized; Specialized pockets for shooting glasses, ear protection, ammo and more; Side pocket has 5 clear tubes for choke tube or snap cap storage; Features a removable mesh hull bag that snaps to the top side. Olive. Model GPS-1611SC