Waterproof Matches

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Product Name: wind and waterproof matches
Packing: small plastic bucket, plastic bucket packed a phosphorus skin
Barrel Size: height 56mm, 26mm diameter
Capacity: 20 / barrel
Match Length: 50mm or so
Medicine head length: 30mm or so
Features Benefits: windproof, waterproof and easy to spontaneous combustion, strong safety performance
This paragraph waterproof windproof firewood by professional manufacturers, export quality assurance, drug accounted head short of water, immediately after drying can ignite matches whole length of 50mm, medicine head 30mm. Pharmaceutical giant head even in high winds can easily ignite, overcome in the alpine environment windproof lighter electronic failure-prone mechanical problems, particularly suitable for harsh environments make fire emergency.
Windproof waterproof matches more useful than an ordinary match, but the volume is much larger. Ordinary matches flammable, not security, of course, the ignition with a match more easily than other methods, but remember not to waste, only to fail in other ways only with this baby. when taking a box of matches from the survival of self-help should take only one, and readily cover cap. whenever you do not open the box or whatever you want to throw on the ground. "
Each box contains 20 waterproof matches, a waterproof plastic bucket packed phosphorus skin.