Nitecore LC10 Portable Multi-Function USB Charger For 18650

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Take the NITECORE LC10 magnetic USB battery charger on your next trip and say goodbye to bulky charging solutions. This slimmed down 2-in-1 device is a charger and back up light rolled into one ultra compact and portable unit. Compatible with many common li-ion and IMR battery types, this LC10 uses two magnetic contacts to quickly charge your batteries via any USB power source, including solar panels! A built-in power indicator will report charging/discharging process while internal safety protections prevent over charging and short circuiting.

Not limited to just charging, when paired with a charged battery the LC10 can also quickly charge devices like phones and cameras with up to 1A charging speeds. The LC10 supports Android phones and other similar devices via a standard micro-USB 2.0 output and includes a Lightning adapter for Apple devices. If thats not enough, the LC10 even includes a mini backup light for emergencies or for a reading light on camping trips. When powered by a 3400mAh battery, the backup light can emit up to 10 lumens of light with 3 brightness levels total.