StatGear Bitzblade Multi-Tool Black

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The Bitzblade 2.0 is your go-to EDC tool that incorporates many useful and commonly used features. The bitzblade 2.0 can be carried alone and have one of the replaceable tools/blades stored in the tool as well as one double sided bit. You can also carry the bitzblade in the included heavy duty Nylon pouch which will hold the bitzblade, additional 8 double sided bits and the remaining two interchangeable tools/blades. With the 9 interchangeable, Double sided S2 steel bits you have 18 different drivers in standard and metric sizes to use. Need a different bit? The bitzblade 2.0 fits all standard 1/4 Hex bits. One bit is stores in the tool and the remaining 8 in The provided bits pouch. The bitzblade and bits pouch can be stored and carried in the accompanying heavy duty Nylon pouch with a Velcro closure and belt loop.